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Chaz Somers

Chaz Somers started his professional career as a part-time social media contractor at ZayZoon and since then, has evolved into a full-time content marketing associate. Chaz’s love for branding and storytelling has led him to blog writing, clothing design and video production all within ZayZoon.

Blog Post by Chaz Somers

Chaz SomersJanuary 6, 20211 min read

CEO Darcy Tuer's Thoughts on The New Year

"The challenges 2020 presented for our business, each other, our families, along with our ...
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Chaz SomersDecember 16, 20204 min read

Your plate's full enough: a benefit that doesn't come out of your business' pocket

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Chaz SomersNovember 26, 20204 min read

Retaining Modern Day Employees

Retaining customers is crucial in growing any successful business. The Pareto Principle ...
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Chaz SomersNovember 17, 20205 min read

The financial snowball effect: How do we stop it?

Saving cash is never an easy task unless you have some type of money tree. Whether it’s ...
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Chaz SomersOctober 28, 20201 min read

Having a Team vs. Making a Team: A Conversation with COO Kristen McGill

ZayZoon COO Kristen McGill shares insights on Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement.
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Chaz SomersAugust 4, 20202 min read

Earned Wage Access for Choice Hotels

ZayZoon Inc, a leader in Earned Wage Access, has been selected by Choice Hotels ...
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Chaz SomersJuly 8, 20201 min read

PATH And ZayZoon Are Making a Difference In The Lives Of Californians

Tens of millions of people across North America are simultaneously experiencing financial ...
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Chaz SomersJanuary 28, 20206 min read

Going Electric: Efficiency for your Life and Wallet

We can’t simply carry on with business as usual or even ignore the very real threat of ...
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Chaz SomersJanuary 14, 20203 min read

Not a Cashless World, Yet

It’s easy to assume we are in the midst of a cashless world. While countries like Sweden, ...
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Chaz SomersDecember 16, 20197 min read

Is Your Budget Right For You?

Whether you’re making $130,000 or $30,000, an essential aspect of living a comfortable ...
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