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Chaz SomersAugust 25, 20211 min read

Wages On-Demand for your Business: Hotel Management

Nationwide Hotel Management Company, based out of Wichita, Kansas, specializes in long-term extended-stay hotel management. With check-ins and check-outs more spread out than compared to your average hotel, Nationwide operates with a less typical business model and many part-time staff. 

With guests who usually spend weeks, or even months at a time in Nationwide's hotels, the need for housekeepers, bellboys and even front desk receptionist is much less than that of a more traditional hotel. 

This tight labour model helps Nationwide run a more sustainable operation, however, the higher demand for loyal part-time employees makes recruiting and retaining talent a little more difficult than usual. 

With traditional employee benefits generally only catering to full-time employees and the extra need for committed, hard-working part-time employees, Nationwide started looking for employee benefits that would help everyone on their team, no matter the role. 

That's when Nationwide discovered Wages On-Demand and ZayZoon

With ZayZoon, Nationwide not only found a solution that could easily be integrated and utilized by their part-time staff but also found an answer to a problem that many part-time employees face. 

Recently, Mallory Norton, VP of HR at Nationwide sat down for a virtual interview with ZayZoon's Manager of Marketing Content, Susy Alfaro to talk about ZayZoon and how it's helped improve their unique situation.  

To see the full interview:



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