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Chaz SomersOctober 20, 2021< 1 min read

Wages On-Demand for Your Business: Human Resources

VibeHCM is a Human Capital Management platform utilizing technology through embedded communication and engagement tools. Their team has been operating for over 20 years and have been the recipients of many prestigious awards and accolades. Relied on by over 1 million employees worldwide, the Vibe HCM platform delivers HR, Talent, Recruiting, Onboarding, Engagement, Analytics and Payroll. 

Similar to ZayZoon, VibeHCM takes tremendous pride in their easy-to-use product and the flexibility they are able to offer through their patented software. 

Recently, ZayZoon's Head of Growth, Shubh Sidhu and Marketing Manager, Susy Alfaro sat down with VibeHCM's Elaine Clement and Devin Harris to discuss the recent partnership, how it's helped employees and employers, and the benefits of companies like VibeHCM and ZayZoon during a global pandemic.

In this virtual discussion,  

See the full virtual interview below: 



Chaz Somers

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