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Chaz SomersApril 28, 20212 min read

Wages On-Demand for Your Business: Delivery Services

avatar Chaz Somers

Chaz Somers started his professional career as a part-time social media contractor at ZayZoon and since then, has evolved into a full-time content marketing associate. Chaz’s love for branding and storytelling has led him to blog writing, clothing design and video production all within ZayZoon.

Our partners at Openforce have been serving companies and contractors for over 2 decades. They are firm believers in tech-driven innovations and progression and were early adopters of providing Earned Wage Access.   

Since 2001, Openforce has been providing services that reduce the operating cost and compliance risk for companies using Independent Contractors. A proud partner since 2018, more than 10% of Openforce contractors actively use ZayZoon and Earned Wage Access. Amongst those contractors, 79% chose to access their wages in 5 minutes or less, at no extra cost, with ZayZoon's Real-Time payment solution backed by Visa.

These contractors have successfully accessed more than $11 million of on-demand pay directly into their bank accounts.

As of today, more than 60,000 companies and contractors rely on Openforce as their outsourced provider for rapid and compliant onboarding, contracting, settlement processing, risk controls requirements and valuable member benefits.

Processing over $2 billion annually, Openforce is always looking for ways to improve their service and help clients reduce financial stress.

With a keen understanding of the importance of flexibility and innovation, a partnership with a modern employee benefit like ZayZoon was inevitable. 

"I think both companies and the people that are working for them really want more flexibility. We help build an ecosystem that allows benefits to be extended in many ways." - Openforce CEO, Ryan Kelly

Within this ecosystem, companies and contractors can feel more secure and confident when it comes to their finances. With the proper tools and resources to manage their funds, users can spend less time worrying about unexpected expenses and more time focusing on work. Resulting in higher productivity and improved retention.  

WOD 4 Your Biz- Delivery Services-Quote

"The goal has always been to offer support where it's needed. Our relationship with Openforce made it apparent just how needed we were in the Independent Contracting Space... Offering the ability to access their pay before their scheduled payday is huge for any company or contractor looking for flexibility." - President of ZayZoon, Tate Hackert. 

As an Independent Contractor, not only are you responsible for whatever service you're providing but you're also responsible for managing your cashflow and expenses. A task made much easier by partnerships like Openforce and ZayZoon. 

Now Independent Contractors can spend less energy worrying about financial uncertainties that could potentially arise at any moment and focus on whatever the task is at hand. Not only improving the quality of work output, but also affecting their quality of life for the better. 

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