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Chaz SomersJune 4, 20212 min read

Wages On-Demand for Your Business: Healthcare

In 2020, COVID-19 came in and flipped our worlds upside down. It brought uncertainty, anxiety, fear, and an array of emotions that we all had to deal with. More importantly, it brought to the surface an ocean of issues that the pre-existing status quo had failed to address. At the forefront of this was financial wellness. In 2019, 49% of Americans already found it difficult to make ends meet every month. 

Some employees' hours were cut, while other workers' hours were increased. Certain industries like retail or service were riddled with new health and safety protocols; but at the centre of this were frontline workers, carrying on with the tasks we all needed to get through.

Now, as businesses in the US are slowly starting to open up again, employees are demanding better benefits, better pay, better working conditions overall. 

Jorge Giraldo, from Senior Helpers in Polk County, Florida, is a great example of a business that had its employees' wellbeing as a top priority, even before the pandemic hit. Specializing in at-home care for seniors and disabled clients, 2020 was amongst one of their busiest years to date. Their location works with over 110 CNA's (certified nursing assistants) or home health aides who had to travel to their customers to provide care and ensure their quality of life was undisturbed.

"We take care of the most vulnerable population at a time where they need us. They've been the individuals that created everything before us and worked hard. Now it's time for us to work hard on their behalf and take care of them, to love them, to protect them" - Jorge Giraldo, Senior Helpers CEO, Polk County. 

As the nurses and other healthcare members of Senior Helpers started adapting to the new safety protocols and changing world, they also soon found themselves in extremely high demand. As the job demand grew, they now had the option of going to the workplace that best suited their needs, as opposed to the other way around.

Jorge knew this and wanted to provide his employees with the best benefits possible, not only for retention and recruitment purposes in this unprecedented time, but also for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're taking proper care of your employees. 

"It seemed like it's just that one benefit that should be standard across the board. Everyone should be offering it so that caregivers, whether they're mine or someone else's have access to funds that are reasonable and what they're being charged, I think that's important they shouldn't be taken advantage of."- he says

Senior Helpers' partnership with ZayZoon means that caregivers can now have access to Wages On-Demand and an array of extensive financial resources. With employee benefits like ZayZoon, businesses Senior Helpers can make sure that they're taking of their own people, so that they can care for those that need it most. 

See the full interview with Jorge Giraldo of Senior Helpers and ZayZoon's Susy Alfaro below:



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