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Chaz SomersOctober 28, 20201 min read

Having a Team vs. Making a Team: A Conversation with COO Kristen McGill

ZayZoon COO Kristen McGill shares insights on
Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement.

The following clips are pulled from a recent discussion at an event hosted virtually by one of our amazing partners, Southland Data Processing, based around recruitment, retention, and engagement. Kristen McGill, ZayZoon's Chief Operating Officer, recently took some time to discuss some of the ways she's brought and measured success in our company. The event was a success which also entertained thoughts and ideas of a post-pandemic world. 

The Importance of Core Values


In this video, Kristen goes over the importance of core values. She explains how integral it is to have every member of your team on the same page, how core values and strong communication ease the entire process, and how ZayZoon puts all these pieces together.  

The Importance of "Why" in Your Business


Kristen discusses the importance of aligning your organization with a common goal and how to execute on it. She also talks about "Knowing Your 'Why'" and how it will not only translate to your customers but also to employees, especially during times of uncertainty. 

Execution and Making the Most of Every Day


Here, Kristen analyzes the significances of execution. She explains how strategic planning is much less effective without accountability amongst your team and the benefits of daily and weekly meetings with them. 

Employee Engagement and How a Workplace Thrives


Measuring employee engagement isn't always simple but it always is necessary. In this video, Kristen teaches us the importance of measuring engagement and how it translates into a more productive workplace. 

Themes And Rallying Behind The Same Purpose


Kristen shares insight as to how ZayZoon uses quarterly "themes" and other internal events to keep everyone on track and on the same page while also maintaining high morale, in office or remotely. 



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