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Susy Alfaro

Susy Alfaro is the content marketing manager at ZayZoon. When Susy's not showing employers how to create better employee experiences through her content, she's sewing fashion-forward accoutrement and dancing with her cat.

Blog Post by Susy Alfaro

Susy AlfaroFebruary 15, 202410 min read

What are pay advances and should you be offering them?

Learn about how pay advances work and how to deploy them.
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Susy AlfaroFebruary 1, 20249 min read

Revolutionizing talent management: the impact of AI in Human Resources

A dive into the world of artificial intelligence in human resources.
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Susy AlfaroNovember 7, 202311 min read

ZayZoon offsite 2023: trust building in Arizona

In October 2023, ZayZooners gathered in Arizona for a company-wide offsite. Learn more ...
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Susy AlfaroOctober 12, 202312 min read

Recruitment strategies to win the war for talent

Proper recruiting strategies to help your business succeed and retain top talent.
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Susy AlfaroAugust 18, 202313 min read

Elevating your onboarding best practices: a guide

Get the ultimate guide to elevate your onboarding best practices. Create the best first ...
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Susy AlfaroAugust 4, 202310 min read

Stay interviews: the best way to improve employee retention

Stay interviews are the best way to retain top talent and ensure your company culture ...
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Susy AlfaroJuly 27, 20236 min read

Win the talent war with the right financial wellness program

A comprehensive financial wellness program can differentiate your workplace, enabling you ...
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Susy AlfaroJune 23, 20239 min read

Reflecting on the Great Resignation & toxic work culture in 2023

Toxic work culture is 10 times more likely to indicate if your employees will leave than ...
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Susy AlfaroMay 25, 202313 min read

Reimagining ZayZoon

ZayZoon is reimagining its brand look and feel. Read all about how we found our new look ...
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Susy AlfaroMay 18, 20239 min read

How to survive the perkcession

Employers are cutting down on employee benefits in what's coined as the perkcession. How ...
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