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Today is the New Payday

Instant access to your earned wages.
No more late bill payments, bank overdraft fees, and payday loans. If your employer offers ZayZoon, sign up now. If they don't, let them know!

Get Paid Early

Workplace Financial Stress is Real

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Employees want access to their pay when they need it. Why? 69% do not have enough cash on hand between paychecks for unexpected expenses. Almost 40% report this affects their productivity at work and financial stress leads to high employee turnover.

89% of employees report lower stress
29% reduction in employee turnover
4.9/5 customer success review rating
$702 annual savings per employee

ZayZoon is changing the way Employees get paid.

ZayZoon allows employees to instantly access their earned wages on-demand. It's a voluntary benefit that reduces financial stress related to cash flow shortfall between pay checks. Improve retention, increase productivity and benefit from a more engaged workforce.

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Integrated with payroll

By exchanging data with your payroll provider, we can offer employees secure access to create an account and access their earned pay.

Funded by ZayZoon

ZayZoon funds all early wage requests. There is no risk or liability to the employer. Funds are automatically recovered on the next pay run.

Activate in 21 minutes

We've already completed the integration with many major payroll platforms, making ZayZoon the easiest and fastest Earned Wage Access solution for employers. 


That's right! ZayZoon is free for employers to implement within their companies. You can also choose to help subsidize the benefit, if you desire. 

How we help employers

Why should I take the next steps and start offering Wages On-Demand to my employees today? 


79% of employees are willing to switch to an employer that offers Wages On-Demand if all other factors were the same


89% of employees would be willing to stay at a company longer that offers On-Demand Pay.

Cost savings

Companies with Wages-On Demand reduce hiring costs by 5%. For a 200 person company, that's nearly $20,000.

How we help your employees

Low fee

All for just a $5 flat fee, ZayZoon funds all early wage requests, allowing employees to access funds well ahead of payday. 


Your employees can choose how much of their wages they'd like to access. ZayZoon is available to them 24 / 7 / 365.

Human Support

We handle all the support with a dedicated team to ensure that you and your employees have all the assistance you need.

Quick & Easy

In minutes, employees will receive their funds. Even better yet, they pick exactly where & how they'd like their funds sent. 

More than wages on-demand

Introducing the ZayZoon Visa® Prepaid Card

The new ZayZoon Visa Prepaid Card gives employees access to their earned wages without the $5 payout fee. The ZayZoon Visa Prepaid Card acts like a debit card; employees can use the card in store or online anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. 

  • Employee self-serve - The ZayZoon Card is employee owned and managed. It can be used as a primary direct deposit account and gives them access to earned wages instantly.
  • No administration needed - ZayZoon Visa Prepaid Card is unlike a payroll card, which is owned and administered by the employer; this card takes no administration whatsoever by the employer.
  • Skip the fees - no monthly maintenance fee attached. Employees have access to earned wages without the $5 payout fee.
  • Easy access for employees - Prepaid cards do not require credit check. This means it will be more easily accessible to an employee than traditional bank cards. Employees can easily enroll on ZayZoon's app. 
Don't wait to experience the benefits

Earned Wage Access is a table stake

Turnover is costly. Recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, and training all eat away at a business’s bottom line. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to determine what exactly might be causing turnover in an organization and it’s frustrating to know a simple fix might have saved thousands of dollars. With ZayZoon, not only do 89% of employees report their willingness to stay at a company longer, employees who use ZayZoon to access their wages early also report lower financial stress and increased productivity.
As employers know, hiring new employees not only takes up valuable time and resources but ultimately ends up costing a significant amount of money as well. Through ZayZoon’s research, we’ve discovered that companies offering Wages On-Demand reduce hiring costs by 5%. That represent $19,000 in a 200 person company on average. Combined with lower turnover, ZayZoon makes for an extremely beneficial asset to small and medium-sized businesses looking to grow. 

Higher employee satisfaction

Powering financial health, beyond wage access

Every employee, not just Wages On-Demand customers, receives access to our financial wellness platform, ZayU.

Smart insights

Link your bank account and let us show you where you're spending and how you can save.

Education that's enjoyable

Take a financial health check-up and receive courses custom to your situation. Flex your financial know-how with a certificate of completion, provided with every course. 

Alerts that save money

No one likes overdraft fees or minimum account balance fees. Let us alert you when you're at risk.

Client Testimonial

See how Senior Helpers uses On-Demand Pay to differentiate themselves in the At-Home Care Market.