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Employer Testimonials

2 Cute

“If this is free for the employer and it sounds like a great benefit. Why not? It's just an extra tool and marketing resource for the company to attract new candidates and employees. 

That was really about it, it wasn't anything that we were going through that was like a hardship it was just, ‘this sounds great.

Let's do it.’” 

Joe Chung 2 Cute Associate

Senior Helpers

“It seemed like it's just that one benefit that should be standard across the board. Everyone should be offering it so that caregivers, whether they're mine or someone else's have access to funds that are reasonable and what they're being charged, I think that's important they shouldn't be taken advantage of”

Jorge Giraldo Senior Helpers CEO

Panera Bread

"Implementing was pretty seamless. I think I might have been the first pay advance requested. That was great, I mean, I got my hundred bucks right away and then it came off, showed where it came off of my pay voucher, the next payroll. So we didn't have any hiccups at all."

Cari Gray Panera Bread Franchisee Director of HR

Nationwide Hotel Management Company

"It is important for us to have a benefit like ZayZoon in place so (our employees) can access funds when they need it. We would hate for our employees to have to go out and get title loans or payday loans to where they get caught in a constant cycle of having to pay that back. We felt that this important because they can access the money that they have already earned."

Mallory Norton Nationwide VP of HR


"If you have happy employees, they provide good service to your customers, and then they come back. These people become kind of like family and we treat them as such.

Benefits is one of those things that we needed to add to be competitive. I found a solution that I believe was an easy tool for all our employees to access their paychecks earlier."

Sandeep Thakrar Neema Hospitality President


"If you don't take care of your employees, they can't take care of our residents"

Michelle Tolbert Americare Administrator

SERJ Group

"We implemented ZayZoon in March 2020 to help employees navigate any COVID-related financial problems they might be encountering. Set up through our payroll vendor was extremely
easy; in less than 48 hours, the program was up and running.

We continue to see a steady increase in employee participation, yet we have not had a single service issue reported. The program is so automated and user-friendly, that there has been no impact on the workload of our HR/Payroll team. Overall, we have been very pleased with ZayZoon and appreciate
the chance to offer our employees more financial flexibility between paydays."

Julie Garland SERJ Human Resources


"We're thrilled to be working with ZayZoon to add On-Demand pay to the portfolio of benefits available to our teams across California. In just a few short months, we've already had over 50 staff take advantage of this innovative resource - helping them maintain financial stability between paychecks."

Lynn Hannah PATH Director of Human Resources

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