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B2B Delivery

ZayZoon works for the gig-economy too! Watch to see how gig platform Openforce uses ZayZoon for their clients.

Americare Senior Living

ZayZoon teamed up with VISA to put money in the hands of nurses, in a matter of seconds, 7 days a week. 

Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express manager, Carolyn, exclaims how ZayZoon is part of how they keep their staff happy and productive.

Helping with hiring

Ria of B2B Delivery Services explains how giving couriers access to their pay quickly, is the best benefit you can offer.

It's a no brainer

Michelle, an administrator with Americare, a Senior Living facility responsible for employing more than 4000 workers.

Competitive advantage

Americare VP of HR, Melissa, explains how ZayZoon provides a competitive advantage to hiring and retaining staff.

wendys recruitment

When it comes to improving the financial health of workers, all employers have a key role to play.

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