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Employee Testimonials

Phone, gas and electricity

Kayla works in the hospital and uses ZayZoon to get out of financial binds!

You respond to me quickly

Leigh works as a customer support representative and says we're quick!

Helping to avoid late payments

Migdalia works at Wendy's and is thankful for ZayZoon's Wages On-Demand!

Only access what you've already earned.

Lindsey from Americare talks about how ZayZoon has helped her many times!

Money, at the push of a button!

Holiday Inn Express employee Stefanie says how easy it is to access money!

With ZayZoon, you can't go wrong.

Jeremy from Holiday Inn Express exclaims how you can't go wrong with ZayZoon!

Retention is a challenge, ZayZoon helps.

Americare Senior Living employee, Jessica, talks about the ZayZoon benefit.