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ZayZoon Unveils 'Connect': Manager Platform Designed to Drive Workforce Engagement and Financial Empowerment

Press Release | Aug 29, 2023

PHOENIX, August 29, 2023 ( - ZayZoon, the Earned Wage Access (EWA) provider for small and mid-sized businesses, today announced Connect, a new offering that empowers employers to drive benefits awareness, engagement, and adoption in one centralized hub. The platform provides data-driven insights with the goal of enhancing employee experience, allowing managers and supervisors to better tune into their employee's financial health and needs. Connect is now available to over 40,000 ZayZoon worksite locations across the United States, with the highest adoption among businesses in QSR, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing.

ZayZoon's commitment to providing employers with financial wellness tools, resources, and education for their employees takes a leap forward with Connect. With this updated self-serve platform, an organization's ZayZoon administrator can have real-time insights into their workplace financial health, autonomously access materials like workplace posters, and one-click invite their entire workforce to efficiently promote benefits and maximize program participation. Benefit utilization rates are notoriously low and without proper implementation and communication from employers, benefits often go unused and unrecognized by employees.

"When you have a great culture, you don't have to invest as much in hiring because people know you have a great place to work," comments ZayZoon client and Neema Hospitality President Sandeep Thakar. "Offering benefits like ZayZoon can be the difference between hiring a talented employee or not. I would absolutely recommend ZayZoon to another business. From our perspective, it has been seamless."  

The Connect platform is a powerful asset for managers and employers, offering features that cater to the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Customer-driven updates to this official release include:

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Gain insights into employee benefit engagement with intuitive data analytics, allowing managers to make informed decisions that align with employee needs.
  • Promote Program Awareness & Adoption: Easily access promotional materials and customizable communication templates to inform employees about their benefits and encourage participation.
  • People Success and Culture: Foundational elements such as easily managed employee communications and tools to accommodate workplace engagement beyond traditional Earned Wage Access and education. 

"In the realm of financial wellness benefits, a disconnect and lack of communication often exist between employers and employee engagement," said Tate Hackert Co-Founder & President of ZayZoon. "This is why we are focusing on developing a new experience for managers and supervisors, providing greater flexibility to engage with their employees and gain insight into their financial needs."

Connect aligns directly with ZayZoon's overarching goal of supporting employee financial wellness. It helps drive positive financial outcomes for ZayZoon customers and, in turn, supports stronger employee retention and a happier and more productive workforce.

To learn more about ZayZoon's manager platform Connect and Earned Wage Access, please visit:

About ZayZoon:

ZayZoon is the financial empowerment platform for small and mid-sized businesses. With ZayZoon, payday finally comes with the push of a button. It's free for employers and takes only 30 minutes to implement. Employees can use ZayZoon to get paid whenever, however. The platform also offers educational resources and tools to help workers break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. And it works. 89% of employees who use ZayZoon report less financial stress, and employers who offer ZayZoon boast a 29% reduction in turnover. Visit ZayZoon at:

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