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When life gives you lemons, get ZayZoon onto ADP Marketplace

Press Release | Jul 21, 2021

The date is June 6th, 2020. At ZayZoon we had just navigated our most challenging quarter, dealing with what seemed like daily seismic shifts in the economic and industrial landscape as we tried to understand the impact of the pandemic.

We felt we had steered the ship through some crazy waters and then things would start to calm down a little. Spoiler alert: they did not. We were notified of a change in a number of our clients payroll software as they were being moved to ADP Workforce Now ®.

At ZayZoon, Tate has stressed from Day 0 the importance of customer service with our end customer community and we've carried that philosophy into our B2B organization. As such, when we suddenly had a number of clients who were no longer going to be able to access ZayZoon, we knew that for us that would not be acceptable.

In late 2020, we began working on bringing our ZayZoon solution onto ADP Marketplace. ADP Marketplace is a digital HR storefront that allows clients to create a highly customized, fully integrated HR ecosystem, with ADP® and third party solutions. With hundreds of HR apps available, ADP Marketplace is the first and largest digital storefront for HR buyers today.

I'm proud to announce that ZayZoon is now available in the ADP Marketplace to RUN Powered by ADP®  and ADP Workforce Now® clients in the United States. 

Our technology and product teams led by Sheldon Maloff and Ryan Madden worked diligently to scope and build this solution out. Our team has developed integrations that are secure, stable and easy to deploy.

ADP Partner Badge ZayZoon

Now, there are many pay on-demand providers in the ADP Marketplace, so what makes ZayZoon different?

  1. We continue to be focused on the mid-market. Our ADP Workforce Now® clients range from 100 to 1500 employees and we will serve RUN Powered by ADP® clients from 5 to 50 employees.

  2. We do not require clients to be using ADP® for time tracking. This allows us to make ZayZoon available to all employees.

  3. We have designed ZayZoon to be as easy as possible for clients to implement and manage. Our first client who went through our implementation process in the ADP Marketplace was up and running in 18 minutes. Seriously.

For more details about our ADP Marketplace listing, head to ZayZoon Wages On-Demand for ADP Workforce Now® or ZayZoon Wages On-Demand for RUN Powered by ADP®.

Have questions? Reach out to us at

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