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At ZayZoon, We Are So Over Overdraft

Press Release | Oct 22, 2019

PHOENIX, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ZayZoon, a leader in Earned Wage Access, today announced ZayU, a host of products to assist employees in achieving financial health through information and finance automation. With ZayU, employers now have a trusted financial health platform that gives their employees deeper understanding of their own finances through tools such as Overdraft Prediction, Spend Behavior, Banking Insights and Interactive Financial Education.

Introducing ZayU

Understand your spending and avoid overdraft

ZayU enables employees to quickly improve financial decision-making and be proactive with their finances. An employee's financial well-being is easily revealed in ZayU, which creates reports and dashboards — both for tracking purposes and for employee engagement — with insights that empower employees to take control of their financial future. Employees will be able to improve their finances by identifying potential risks and taking action sooner than ever before. By helping to reduce the stress and distraction from vulnerable finances, ZayU allows employees to focus more on the things that matter, both at home and at work.

"At ZayZoon, we've always believed all stakeholders working together is the greatest way to make change. When employers support their employees by providing access to financial health tools like ZayU, all parties benefit," says Tate Hackert, President of ZayZoon. "By providing customers a simple dashboard to view all their spending and backing it up with automatic notifications and recommendations to curb unnecessary spending, we've really created something great that saves workers over $700 annually."

Financial stress is one of the most pressing challenges employees are facing today, and this stress is hurting employers as well. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 80% of employees admit personal financial concerns impact their workplace productivity. When it comes to improving the financial health of workers, all employers have a key role to play.

Payroll Providers, Employers, and HR professionals interested in providing a benefit that helps combat predatory lenders and overdraft fees are encouraged to visit or email for additional information.

Launched in 2014, ZayZoon began with the idea of giving workers access to their earned wages in order to avoid high cost loans and fees. ZayZoon's mission is to improve employee health with responsible financial products and this mission helps frame the company's strategy and technology innovations. ZayZoon harnesses the company's culture of innovation to drive positive social impact through serving the interests of employees and employers. 

For more information about ZayZoon, visit or follow @ZayZoon on Twitter.

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