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Journey Employer Solutions Makes Payday Any Day Through Partnership With Wages On-Demand and Financial Wellness Provider ZayZoon

Press Release | Dec 17, 2018

PHOENIX, Ariz., December 17, 2018 ( - ZayZoon transforms the way employees think about payday. Offering ZayZoon through Journey means thousands of employees will have the opportunity to access their wages when they want. This offering will help Journey Payroll Solutions extend ZayZoon services to major employers across the United States, giving their workforce a benefit that helps reduce financial stress, increase productivity, and reduce turnover.

"ZayZoon has a pretty simple mission. We want to improve the emotional health of employees everywhere through the use of responsible financial solutions.” Says ZayZoon President, Tate Hackert. “More than 78% of Americans are in a cash-flow crunch and the need for liquidity between pay periods is very real. ZayZoon helps improve the financial wellness of our customers by providing employees and contractors across North America access to their wages when they want, and need them,” Tate Hackert adds.

Kevin Welch, CEO of Journey adds, “Journey understands that in specific circumstances, workers may need to access funds before payday. Living paycheck to paycheck can result in overdrafts and insufficient funds charges. As we all know, this digs the hole deeper!" Mr. Welch goes on to say, “Short-term loans and payday advances are a common temporary fix to avoid such costs. This, however, can result in even costlier fees. This solution gets individuals in financial holes they can’t climb out of, imposing on them financial stress and worry. Offering employees access to their wages as they work is a win for both the employer and the employee.”

Payroll Providers, Employers, and HR professionals interested in providing a benefit that helps combat predatory lenders and overdraft fees are encouraged to visit or email for additional information.

About ZayZoon

ZayZoon is a Financial Technology company that was created to improve the emotional health of our customers through the use of socially responsible financial products. ZayZoon partners and integrates with payroll companies to provide employees a financial wellness platform, with one feature of the platform being access to on-demand pay. This is important because 78% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck, forcing them into difficult situations between banks that earn over $30B in overdraft fees and predatory lenders that charge upwards of 600% interest. ZayZoon’s on-demand access to wages gives employees control over their paycheck, reduces financial stress and prevents the debt spiral caused by predatory products.

About Journey Employer Solutions: Journey Employer Solutions offers a suite of payroll, tax management, and HR services for small to mid-sized businesses. Servicing clients across the country, Journey focuses on delivering the best offerings in their regions. Journey has been named among the 100 fastest growing companies for the past seven years by BizWest Media. Payroll is the core of their business; however, they offer various services to provide companies the efficiencies and information they need in today’s world. With award-winning growth and an industry leading 98%+ retention, Journey puts clients first with every service they provide.

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