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ZayZoon Partners With APlus Workforce Management Solutions to Offer Employees Access to Wages On-Demand

Press Release | Nov 12, 2018

PHOENIX, November 12, 2018 ( - ZayZoon transforms the way employees think about payday. Offering ZayZoon through APlus, a licensee of Human Capital Management giant Kronos, means tens of thousands of employees will have the opportunity to access their wages when they want. With no burden on the employer, employees can request their wages and have them in their bank account instantly. This added benefit for APlus clients will help reduce employee financial stress, increase productivity, and reduce turnover.

ZayZoon customers take advantage of on-demand pay in between pay cycles, as a way to smooth their cash flow and avoid unnecessary financial fees. Richard, a truck driver from Florida, describes the service: “I was able to sign up quickly and use ZayZoon right away and I even received my money within minutes. ZayZoon has been very helpful with providing a low-cost advance to ensure sufficient fuel is available when money is tight.” Combining the benefits of early wages with ZayZoon’s suite of financial wellness and educative products makes for a more informed, more productive employee.

“The effects financial health has on physical and mental health is finally being realized. At ZayZoon, we recognized a long time ago that something needed to be done to help the more than 70 million Americans using payday loans or banking overdraft regularly,” says ZayZoon President, Tate Hackert. “ZayZoon helps improve the financial wellness of our customers by providing employees and contractors across North America access to their wages when they want, without ever placing debt on them and without impacting their employer’s current practices,” Mr. Hackert adds.

Brian Weimer of APlus Payroll adds, “Giving employees options other than payday loans or asking employers for advances will reduce the stress on employees and management while saving the employee the usury rates charged by those institutions. Everyone wins.”

Payroll Providers, Employers, and HR professionals interested in providing a benefit that helps combat predatory lenders and overdraft fees are encouraged to visit or email for additional information.

About ZayZoon

ZayZoon is a socially responsible Financial Technology company that was created to end predatory lending. We partner and integrate with payroll companies to provide employees with access to a suite of financial wellness products, including pay on-demand. This is important because 78 percent of American workers live paycheck to paycheck forcing them into difficult situations between banks that earn over $30B in overdraft fees and predatory lenders that charge upwards of 600 percent interest. ZayZoon’s on-demand access to wages gives employees control over their paycheck, reduces financial stress and prevents the debt spiral caused by predatory products.

About APlus Payroll

APlus Workforce Management Solutions is a full-service payroll provider based in Springfield, Missouri. Since 1997, APlus has been delighting clients with Human Capital Management Solutions – including Payroll, Human Resource and Time and Attendance software – for companies large and small.

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