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ZayZoon Offers Employees Access to Their Wages in Real-Time Through Partnership With Hawaii Payroll Services

Press Release | Aug 28, 2018

PHOENIX, August 28, 2018 ( - ZayZoon is changing the way employees get paid. ZayZoon partnering with Hawaii Payroll means hundreds of employers will now be able to provide their employees the benefit of on-demand wages. With no burden to the employer, employees can request their wages at any point during the pay cycle and have them in their bank account instantly. Through this unique offering, Hawaii Payroll clients will help reduce employee financial stress, increase workplace productivity, and reduce turnover.

"Income smoothing is highly undervalued. People work every day, so why do they get paid every two weeks? We figured out a long time ago that uneven cash-flow attributes to more than $40 Billion paid every year in overdraft fees by people across North America.” says ZayZoon CFO, Jamie Ha. “ZayZoon helps improve the financial wellness of our customers by providing employees and contractors across North America access to their wages when they want, without impacting their employer's current practices.” Mr. Ha adds.

Michelle Wells-Nagamine of Hawaii Payroll Services states, “Our clients currently use a payroll advance function to help employees with their finances periodically. When we learned ZayZoon was a benefit for employers to offer their staff, we knew it was something that made sense to include with our payroll service.”

Payroll Providers, Employers, and HR professionals interested in providing a benefit that helps combat predatory lenders and overdraft fees are encouraged to visit or email for additional information.

About ZayZoon

ZayZoon is a socially responsible Financial Technology company that was created to end predatory lending. We partner and integrate with payroll companies in Canada and the US to provide employees with access to their wages on-demand. This is important because 78% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck forcing them into difficult situations between banks that earn over $30B in overdraft fees and predatory lenders that charge upwards of 600% interest. ZayZoon’s on-demand access to wages gives employees control over their paycheck, reduces financial stress and prevents the debt spiral caused by predatory products.

About Hawaii Payroll Services

Hawaii Payroll Services has built a solid foundation based on innovative thinking and putting the customer first. Continued emphasis on its core values has contributed to the company’s excellent service to the hundreds of employers that count on Hawaii payroll to deliver, pay after pay. Any payroll company can process payroll, but since 2003, Hawaii Payroll Services has processed payroll and built relationships with customers based on honesty, integrity, quality and customer service.

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