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ZayZoon Offers Employees Access to Their Wages in Real-Time Through Partnership With Southland Data Processing

Press Release | May 29, 2018

PHOENIX, May 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ZayZoon Inc. ("ZayZoon") is an employee benefit that transforms the way employees think about payday by giving them the opportunity to access their earned but not yet paid wages. Employees with access to ZayZoon can request their wages and receive them in their bank account instantly, with no burden on their employer.

The partnership between Southland Data Processing ("SDP") and ZayZoon means that all of Southland Data Processing's clients can provide this benefit to their employees at no cost to the employer. The financial freedom provided by ZayZoon can help reduce employee financial stress, increase productivity and reduce turnover.

"Comparing mental health to finance is only now becoming more common. At ZayZoon, we recognized a long time ago that something needed to be done to help the more than 70 million Americans using payday loans or banking overdraft regularly," says ZayZoon President Tate Hackert. "ZayZoon helps improve the financial wellness of our customers by providing employees and contractors across North America access to their wages at a very low cost and without impacting their employers' current practices." 

Michael Reis, Southland Data Processing's vice president of sales, adds, "I understand when unexpected expenses occur it puts stress on workers and possibly their employers. Southland Data Processing's partnership with ZayZoon will provide our clients and their workers an alternative to personal loans, high-fee funding or credit options."

Payroll providers, employers and HR professionals interested in providing a benefit that helps combat predatory lenders and overdraft fees are encouraged to visit or email for additional information.

About ZayZoon

ZayZoon is a socially responsible financial technology company that was created to end predatory lending. We partner and integrate with payroll companies in Canada and the U.S. to provide employees access to their wages on-demand. This is important because 78 percent of American workers live paycheck to paycheck, forcing them to make a difficult choice between turning to banks that earn over $30B in overdraft fees or predatory lenders who charge upwards of 600 percent interest. ZayZoon's first service offering allows for on-demand access to wages for a low fixed transaction fee, helping give employees control over their paycheck, reduces financial stress and prevents the debt spiral caused by predatory products.

About Southland Data Processing

Southland Data Processing ("SDP") is a full-service payroll and HR strategist focused on delivering customized business solutions, expert support and dedicated service. Most importantly, we put people first and believe in building long-term relationships as we work to meet each of our clients' unique needs. Whether a company has one employee or 1,000 employees, SDP has the solutions to help organizations run smoothly, stay compliant and provide support as they reach their goals.

Media Contact: 
Tate Hackert 
Phone: 587.433.6133 

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