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ZayZoon is the easiest earned wage access solution for your business.

Wages On-Demand and Financial Education for employees. A voluntary benefit that is free for you to offer. Set up takes minutes and is no work for your team.



What if we told you you could offer an employee benefit that would:

  • Reduce employee turnover by 29%
  • Be fully supported by someone else
  • Keep 89% of employees at your company longer
  • Save each employee $702 annually
  • Give your employees FREE Financial Education
  • Cost you NOTHING

 I think helping my employees and improving my bottom line is the worst.
 I won't do it.
(Just kidding you can't click on this).


ZayZoon has partnered with Payality to offer Wages On-Demand to all payroll clients. You can be set up today. 

Employees Love Having Access to ZayZoon

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