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ZayZoon Wages On-Demand for iSolved HCM

ZayZoon Wages On-Demand Is Available For Quick & Easy Activation in the iSolved Integration Marketplace

ZayZoon allows employees to instantly access their earned wages on-demand. It's a voluntary benefit that reduces financial stress related to cash flow shortfall between pay checks. Because ZayZoon is an Integration Marketplace partner, enabling the add-on module takes minutes, and there is no risk, no cost and no liability to you.

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Thousands of businesses offer ZayZoon


How it works

Integration Details

ZayZoon Wages On-Demand is fully integrated with iSolved which allows employees to access part of their earned pay on-demand. This is a real-time, automated integration with iSolved that facilitates employee sign-up, exchange of payroll data and hours worked information. ZayZoon can be enabled as an HCM add-on in the iSolved Integration Marketplace, and our team will validate set-up and help get this benefit to your employees!

Access for ALL employees

ZayZoon does not limit access to hourly employees and does not require employees to be using iSolved for timesheets. As long as employees are in iSolved and have payroll data, they can sign-up for and access ZayZoon.

ZayZoon Funds All Early Wage Requests

No requirement to pre-fund payroll. ZayZoon funds early requests and recovers those funds on the next paycheck run through an automated integration with iSolved.

Access to wages in seconds

ZayZoon is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We use The Visa and Mastercard networks to get money to debit cards instantly and bank accounts same day.


ZayZoon handles all employee support. There is no additional overhead for the employer to manage the program.


The service is employee paid, or employers can choose to help subsidize the benefit.

report lower stress 
reduction in turnover
in annual savings

Reduce Turnover and save on hiring costs

Employees accessing ZayZoon are 29% less likely to leave. For every 200 employees you have, this means $19,200 saved annually on hiring.

Reduce employee stress

89% of employees report ZayZoon reduces financial stress through the combination of managing cash flow interruptions plus free financial wellness tools.



Powering financial health, beyond wage access

As a client of ZayZoon, all of your employees, not just Wages On-Demand customers, receive access to our financial wellness platform, ZayU.

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Smart insights

Link your bank account and let us show you where you're spending and how you can save.

Education that's enjoyable

Take a financial health check-up and receive courses custom to your situation. Flex your financial know-how with a certificate of completion, provided with every course. 

Alerts that save money

No one likes overdraft fees or minimum account balance fees. Let us alert you when you're at risk.

ZayZoon is the tip of the spear employee offering, helping employers attract new employees.

Hospitality, Healthcare, QSR, Manufacturing, Call Center Facilities and Senior Living facilities are all examples of industries that are pushing wages on demand to help drive new employee applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are proud of the work that we are doing to help employees with their financial stress, but honestly we are more impressed with them and the work they are doing under difficult circumstances. Check out some of their stories:

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HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video
ZayZoon Earned Wage Access and Financial Education for Employees

79% of Workers Are Willing to Switch to a Company That Offers Earned Wage Access

Providing benefits tailored to the current needs and situations of workers is a more robust plan. Shortening the pay cycle, thus giving access to funds quicker. Read More: Are your existing benefits enough? The right way to attract the best employees

78% of Americans Live Paycheck to Paycheck

ZayZoon’s Wages On-Demand is a real solution for real problems. Lasheika uses the service to help her buy groceries, purchase personal items, and address unexpected emergencies. Read More: The Right Tools to Start Over

29% Reduction in Turnover For Employees using On-Demand Pay

Through ZayZoon’s research, we’ve discovered that companies offering Earned Wage Access reduce hiring costs by 5%. That represents $19,000 in a 200 person company on average. Combined with lower turnover, ZayZoon makes for an extremely beneficial asset to small and medium-sized businesses looking to grow. Read more: Proven Results for Modern Businesses

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