Fill out the form, and this guy will call you. He's funnier than he looks.Fill out the form, and this guy will call you. He's funnier than he looks.


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We will need to execute our standard agreement for the ZayZoon service. Then we can enable the service for your clients at a system level.


Let Your Clients Know About ZayZoon

Run an email campaign and webinars to help promote the service to your clients. ZayZoon has the email content ready for you and will take care of the webinars.


Experience the Benefit

A differentiated service such as ZayZoon will set you apart, which makes finding new clients and retaining currrent ones easier. ZayZoon is a cutting edge payroll add-on will increase your bottom line while improving employee engagement and having a positive social impact.

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Innovate and Differentiate

Provide a service that clients want and embrace new and cutting edge payroll developments.

Retain and Grow

Protect your client base with an in-demand add-on and leverage this service to win deals against other providers.

Do Good

Positively benefit the emotional and financial well being of thousands.

Launch Quickly

Integration is done. Turnkey technical integration and a pre-built marketing plan. Get going within 30 days.