Senior/Intermediate Ruby on Rails Developer


ZayZoon’s products are built in-house by a dedicated team of developers of all experience levels. We are looking for a Senior/Intermediate Ruby on Rails Developer to help us solve tough problems and think up innovative new solutions, based on software development best practices and an urge to be the best you can be. You will work on customer- and admin-facing products, third party integrations both canned and bespoke, and help architect the system toward greater flexibility, reliability, and scale.



· Get fired up in a start-up culture where everyone owns the business, regardless of department or seniority

· Want to make a difference through meaningful work and are driven by purpose

· Get the bigger picture and know how to leverage your technical expertise to move a business forward

· Are quality focused, but also understand the need to hustle when the fire alarm starts blaring


· Are a tight knit team of adults that care about our customers, our products, and each other. No jerks allowed!

· Have a casual downtown office environment. Open enough to feel at home, but with plenty of room to go heads down.

· Also have days where we don’t want to leave our actual homes, which means no judgment if you want to work from home every once in a while.

· Value learning and provide growth opportunities through coaching, mentorship, and ongoing education.

·Offer a competitive salary and benefits


Behavioral Competencies

· Team player. Whether working solo or swarming, you can collaborate like a champ and understand the power of group learning

· Architectural mindset. Take a problem, run with it, solve it — but still know when to check back with your team

· Analytical problem solver that can differentiate between symptoms and root causes

· Effective communicator with the ability to work with everyone, across departments

· Detail oriented and know that the little things matter

· Hungry to grow your skills and yourself as a person

· Happy to mentor and grow the skills of those around you

Technical Competencies

· 2+ years of hands-on Ruby on Rails experience with a production application

· Own your code. Deep love of writing quality code, and leaving no line untested.

· Know your stuff. SOLID coding principles, security-driven development, performant code and queries.

· Strong SQL skills. ActiveRecord isn’t everything.

· Willing and capable full-stack ability. Our features are assigned vertically, so you will be crafting JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, in addition to Ruby.

· Experience solving issues around scale, third party integrations, and queuing.

· Experience with agile development, sprints and scrum.

· All the usual tooling: Git, Github, Jira, editor of your choice. (Plus the ability to search for good animated gifs when merging pull requests).


· More than 2 years real world development experience.

· Competence with React, or other JavaScript frameworks

· Experience or interest in DevOps, particularly around cloud services and AWS

· Prior work with financial technology, accounting systems, or banking


The chosen candidate may be asked to undergo a criminal record check and a basic security clearance.

Please note that a final step in our hiring process is for candidates to arrange personal reference calls with former managers and others we may choose. We wish to thank all qualified applicants for their interest in joining our team! 

Sound like the job for you?

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