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McDonald's franchise owner

McDonald's Owner Operator explains how the biggest challenge their company has faced in the past couple of years is staffing.

Art Alamo

Art Alamo is an Owner Operator of 20 McDonald's locations in multiple states. Art started with McDonald’s in 1976, being his first job and only job.  Years later, Art’s son, Matt Alamo joined the business in 2009 and has been with the company since, now as his partner.

The franchise averages 55 employees between location, staffing between 1000 - 1200 employees on an ongoing basis.


"When you get 800 transactions per month, obviously people are utilizing it because there's a need.” 

Art Alamo

  • Average of +1200 payouts per month
  • Over 55% of employees within the company have signed up for ZayZoon
  • Over $1 million in wages have been accessed early by employees in 2023


ZayZoon: All data from January 2023 - December 2023

  • Challenge
  • Solutions
  • Results

The Great Resignation had a large impact on businesses throughout the pandemic. The Alamo family's business biggest challenge had been turnover and retaining staff the past few years.

“During the great resignation, unfortunately, impacted all of us during the pandemic, we lost a lot of employees and getting them back into the work environment has been difficult,” says Art Alamo, Franchise owner. 

"You saw 20, 30, 40% of your employees walk out the door because they didn't want to have to deal with this kind of stress with the pandemic.” This led to a real increase in turnover during the pandemic due to stress and the hard time of replacing the staff. 

Turnover stats before implementing ZayZoon: 

  • The business’s turnover rate had gradually increased to 175% over the past couple of years. 

The Alamo family decided to reassess their people culture and employee benefits by really focused on what their employees value.

With the ongoing increase in turnover, the Alamo family decided to consider their options on how to solve the issue and improve their workplace. Looking into different benefits, they realized a lot of their competitors in the area were offering Earned Wage Access. 

They asked their CPA, their accounting firm, if they knew anything about Earned Wage Access or if they offer this service.  Their representative informed them of their relationship with ZayZoon and the integration into their payroll system. 

This led to the introduction and eventual implementation of ZayZoon, offering their employees Earned Wage Access and other financial wellness benefits.

“It was very simple. You don't have somebody that has to monitor or track it. We do track it in the sense that we want to see if it's actually being used by our employees, not that we care what they use it for, but just to find out if it's actually a benefit that is going to pay for itself in the long run because of the usage,”  says Art Alamo 

“From a back office perspective, I only have two folks that work in my back office that manage all 1200 employees. So consequently, their time is taxed. So the more you can take off their plate, the easier it is for them to get their daily jobs done. It simplifies and makes their life less stressful. It also makes it less stressful for the employee.”

Improved retention, turnover and recruitment

Reduced employee turnover
Businesses experience up to a 29% reduction in turnover with ZayZoon.

Boosted employee productivity

Employees are noticeably less worried about unexpected expenses when on the job.

In the past 12 to 18 months since implementing ZayZoon, McDonald’s could see the adoption rate increase within their employees, were up to 43% of all of their employees have signed up for ZayZoon and around 38% were constantly using it on an ongoing basis.

Art further explains ZayZoon’s part on the impact on retention:
“Turnover for the business had dropped from 175% to 117% after implementing their new benefits the last couple of years. Resulting with a 57% improvement"

  • Over 14,800 payouts in 2023
  • Over $1 million wages have been accessed early by employees in 2023
  • Over 55% of the McDonald's employees have accessed their wages early through ZayZoon

    ZayZoon: All data from January 2023 - December 2023

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Art Alamo, Owner Operator McDonald's Franchise
Tate Hackert, Co-founder and President of ZayZoon

"It was simple. It was like flicking on a switch and it worked immediately. When you download the app, the employee plugs in their information. They're tied to our payroll system and the employee can manage it on their own."

Art Alamo Owner Operator, McDonald's Franchise
Employee spotlight


“Whenever I'm at the store in any public area and I find out I might be short on cash, it's refreshing to have my money put right onto my Visa debit card within seconds.”

When asked if he remembers the last time taking a payout, Matthew responds:  

“The last time I took a payout was around last month. That was because at the moment my paycheck was a little short because I took off for graduation. You know, though, some of my friend's parties and all. And it helped me because I had some bills to pay I wasn't prepared for. All I did was open the app, I saw the amount of money I had and a good thing I had a good amount. They let me take it out and I was able to use it the same day and 5 minutes later. I actually used it to pay off my car insurance."

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Group 137

Get your Earned Wage Access program up and running in less time than it takes to grab lunch and start reaping the benefits of a better employee experience today.