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Gray America saves thousands while improving retention and productivity

Gray America Corp is famous for manufacturing steel rods, bolts and other steel products for customers all over the world.

They are a family-owned business with over 150 employees in three facilities. They have a combined 350,000 square feet of manufacturing in Dayton, Ohio.

During the RV Road show last year, the ZayZoon team had the opportunity to stop by Gray America Corp manufacturer site to sit down with the team and learn about how ZayZoon has impacted their business.

  • Over 1,100 payouts in less than a year
  • Over $132,000 wages have been accessed early by employees
  • Over 20% of the Gray America employees have accessed their wages early through ZayZoon.


ZayZoon: All data from November 2022 - November 2023

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  • Solutions
  • Results

It’s no secret employees are living paycheck to paycheck in today’s economy. Today’s employees need some kind of pay advances to stay caught up with bills and everyday living expenses. 

  • 84% of employees are also worrying about finances while at work.
  • 63% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck


The employees at Gray America Corp were no different.

Courtney Carlisle, VP of Human Resource, Gray America Corp. saw her employees were struggling and implemented a short-term salary-advance loan program to help.

Courtney grew weary of this solution as she was:
  • Processing 20-plus loans at any given time
  • Spending countless hours every week on pay advances– a grand total of about 150 hours per year

Gray America implemented ZayZoon in 2022, sending out emails to their employees informing them that they now have access to a new benefit, giving them access to their pay early.  

“I first heard about ZayZoon from my employer, as they had signed up for it and sent out an email to everybody, letting us know that we can access our pay early.”

- Steven, Gray America employee and ZayZoon customer 

Now with the flexibility of ZayZoon's mobile app, employees can request advance pay instantly, eliminating the need to wait. Carlisle explained, prior to ZayZoon, employees frequently sought payroll advances, leading to an overwhelming workload for herself and colleagues.

“People got excited about it right off the bat,” Carlisle remarks, highlighting how inefficient and labor-intensive the previous program was.

When initially rolling out ZayZoon there were over 45 transactions the first couple of weeks. This quickly jumped to 104 payouts by month's end. Carlisle explains:

With ZayZoon they are empowered to make choices. They can meet their needs right  away — and if they need a little more the next day, that’s fine too. “It’s been a sea change. They’re not paying for cash advances. They feel economically safer.”

Made recruitment and hiring easer

Reduced employee turnover
Businesses experience up to a 29% reduction in turnover with ZayZoon.

Boosted employee productivity
Employees are noticeably less worried about unexpected expenses when on the job.

Gray America saves an annual amount of $8000 after implementing ZayZoon

Carlisle further explains ZayZoon’s impact on retention:
“Employees will want to stay with us because they know we’re taking care of them by offering a resource that helps them — and new employees have access to ZayZoon as soon as they start onboarding.”

  • Over 1,100 payouts in less than a year
  • Over $132,000 wages have been accessed early by employees
  • Over 20% of the Gray America employees have accessed their wages early through ZayZoon

    ZayZoon: All data from November 2022 - November 2023

“We were processing about 20-plus loans at a given time and our annual labor hours and banking costs were around $8000.”

Courtney CarlisleVP of Human Resource, Gray America Corp.
Employee spotlight


“I signed up for ZayZoon, it was really fast and was an easy sign up, less than 5 minutes. I had to take a couple payouts and it was fairly painless to do. It was instantaneously in my bank account and made things really easy. I was able to pay off some bills that I didn’t know how I was going to pay in between paychecks.”

When asked if he remembers his first time taking a payout, Steven responds:  

“The first time I used it I had an unexpected bill that popped up. I don’t know if I forgot about it or something. It just popped up and I didn’t have the cash to cover it, so luckily I was able to go on the app and get a pay advance and it helped out."


Gray America - Employee Spotlight - Steven
Group 137

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