ZayZoon Boost – Prizeout Disclosure

ZayZoon US Inc. (“ZayZoon”) and Prizeout Corp. (“Prizeout) have entered into an agreement to provide you with access to the Prizeout services (the “Prizeout Services”). The Prizeout Services are designed as a means for you to access gift cards for merchant (“Merchant”) companies.

Prizeout may offer a commission to ZayZoon for your use of the Prizeout Services.

ZayZoon has partnered with Prizeout to give you access to the Prizeout Services because the Prizeout Services are an opportunity to potentially increase the amount you may spend at a particular Merchant. We believe that this gives you the opportunity to increasing your spending power, which can help your financial wellness.

ZayZoon does not receive any commission for your viewing of the Prizeout Services, and there is no fee associated with any “pay per click” model.

ZayZoon does not review, endorse or otherwise advise you to use any particular Merchant that may available through the Prizeout Services.