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Senior Product Manager, Risk Optimization

Remote, Canada or US


Imagine having the opportunity to join a well-organized, well-funded and fast-growing FinTech company that does right by employees across the US by not only giving them access to their own wages, on-demand, but a variety of other financial wellness tools to help improve their financial outcomes. ZayZoon is quickly becoming the employee financial wellness app that employees can’t live without, and employers are clamoring to get their hands on.

As the Senior Product Manager for Risk Optimization, you will be in the heart of our core Pay On-Demand product helping us use risk as a competitive advantage, and achieve the right balance of risk vs. growth/performance for different customer segments. You will uncover opportunities to control risk and losses through seamless and right-timed customer experiences that not only delight customers but are effective and efficient.

To do this effectively, you will bring your experience in risk and compliance, a deep analytical mindset and curiosity and your mastery navigating data using BI tools, advanced SQL and our world class data stack to identify opportunities to intervene and introduce or modify risk controls, design processes and customer experiences, and execute on low-cost, high-impact experiments to prove out their effectiveness.

Unlike most risk and compliance roles, you will not be working solely on back-end underwriting models – you will be designing customer experiences and working across functions to roll them out.

Over the next 12 months, you will work on the lowest hanging fruit with a sole focus on reducing risk and loss across our rapidly growing customer and transaction base with a goal to create more room for more flexible pricing and additional revenue models. Over time, this role will likely grow into not only refining our heuristic decisions, but also mining predictive insights using data science that we can use to shape our product offering.

You and your team will play a mission-critical role in ZayZoon’s scale-up strategy. With your expertise, ZayZoon will set itself apart from other options. This will help us excel at attracting new SMB Employers, engaging them, and guiding them to get the message out to employees to maximize the impact on employees’ financial lives.


  • Risk & Loss Analytics and Measurement: You will use quantitative and qualitative measures of risk performance, along with our analytics stack and extensive data warehouse containing transactional, behavioral and historical data to uncover areas of opportunity for loss reduction across our customer base. As part of this, you will define retroactive customer segments based on customer features that you can use to slice and dice our risk & loss performance. You will likely also work with our Data Engineers to enhance and enrich the data available to you for your analysis.
  • Intervention Design & Experimentation: You will use your experience in risk and/or compliance to design interventions to control losses, ranging from denial/limitation of service to changes in our wage estimation logic to supplemental data collection from 3rd party data sources or directly from customers. 
  • Product Feature Design & Development: Based on the results of your experiments, you will work closely with Product Marketing, Product Designers, Customer Success and Developers to ensure products can continue to meet user needs with improved loss dynamics and margins. Your primary goal will be on the delivery of value, and you will work to make sure that features you design and build achieve the intended value, or at a minimum, drive learnings.
  • Agile Product Lifecycle Management: You will be comfortable running the end-to-end product lifecycle as a Product Owner, and be fluent with the tools of the product management trade (JIRA, Confluence, FullStory, Analytics). You will own the short term roadmap and should be able to comfortably navigate discussions with both internal and external stakeholders to build feedback loops, raise opportunities, ruthlessly prioritize, drive focus and alignment.
  • Leadership and Mentorship: While we are a relatively small product team today, you will be a senior member of the team and, as such, will help mentor more junior members to help them develop professionally and become more focused Product professionals.

Some exciting projects we have on-deck:

  • Opt-In Geolocation: Customers can opt-in to automatic work time-tracking using geofencing, which will in allow us to control risk.
  • Banking Data Enrichment: In order to access a higher % of earned wages, customers can opt into banking data collection, which could offer new signals for risk
  • Others: The world is your oyster here! We’re leaning on you and your experience to help guide us to effective initiatives!



  • Competitive salary and compensation, along with a comprehensive benefits package commensurate with your experience and skills.
  • Leaders and teammates across our organization that will support you and ensure you are positioned for personal growth and success
  • A tight-knit team of adults that care about and thrive on moving the needle for our customers, our products, and each other. 
  • People who know how to wear multiple hats, and that every team member makes a difference in moving the business forward.
  • A constant strive to improve; always growing ourselves, each other, and our business.
  • A flexible environment, with emphasis placed on getting the job done, not on hours worked -- this means being available for collaboration when needed, taking the time and space you need for yourself and your family, and being ready to get down to business in crunch times.
  • Engaged colleagues who like what they do. ZayZoon has a tech-industry leading employee NPS score of 71.
  • A strong belief in our four core values
    • Hustle – Own it, take it to the next level
    • Trust – Do the right thing
    • People Driven – Make a positive impact
    • Mastery – Thirst for knowledge and improvement


Our ideal candidate should have extensive product management experience, and a strong background in analytics with an ability to independently navigate, consume and synthesize across large data sets. They should feel comfortable working across functions within an organization and be exceptional at making complex ideas simple to understand. In addition, the candidate will ideally have

  • 3+ years experience in Risk, Compliance and Analytics in a Financial Services setting, including heuristic/rule-based modeling (familiarity with Data Science techniques considered a bonus)
  • 3+ years experience in Product Management (familiarity with both B2C and SMB markets considered a bonus)
  • You have successfully built and launched multiple risk products/features and can speak to what worked and what didn’t
  • Excellent written, verbal and visual communication skills - you can effectively synthesize complex ideas into simple, easy to digest snippets driving straight to the “so what?” behind it, using empathy as your foundational guardrail
  • Prefer working in a collaborative, cross-team capacity. This role requires you to work across functions and departments to bring products to life. You are at the center of our organization, constantly interacting with teammates and prospects in Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, Design and Engineering
  • A lean mindset -- with emphasis on low-lift experiments to uncover learnings as quickly as possible. Ability to get answers to your own questions and structure experiments in logical ways to generate knowledge
  • Proficiency in Product Tools and Processes - Alignment, roadmap development, backlog management, JIRA, Confluence, FullStory, Intercom
  • You are highly driven and highly accountable. You operate best in supported autonomy and can work well with others
  • You are a data driven decision maker with an analytical mindset, who measures and adjusts based on explicit outcomes. You use experimentation to learn quickly and converge on effective techniques
  • You can work in chaotic environments, often with multiple projects and initiatives at various levels of ambiguity on the go and are effective at reducing chaos and ambiguity
  • You stay up to date on the latest product thinking and best practices


We are currently organized as a remote team, as such we are looking for candidates who can work effectively remotely. While we will wait to see how the situation with COVID-19 progresses, we will remain flexible with respect to remote work for the foreseeable future.

Please note that a final step in our hiring process is for candidates to arrange personal reference calls with former managers and/or colleagues. We wish to thank all qualified applicants for their interest in joining our team!

Senior Product Manager, Risk Optimization


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