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Client Onboarding Specialist

Remote | Canada



We are a well-organized, well-funded and fast-growing Financial Technology and HR company that does right by employees across the US by not only giving them access to their own wages, on-demand, but a variety of other financial wellness tools to help improve their financial outcomes. ZayZoon is quickly becoming the employee financial wellness super-app that employees can’t live without, and employers are clamouring to offer to help attract and retain talent.

It’s how we’ve secured partnerships with franchisees such as McDonalds, KFC, Wendy’s, and Hilton Hotels! We destroy tech industry benchmarks for NPS (our 2022 score was 71!) and all you have to do is check out our 4.8-star Google Reviews to see how much Customers love us. Why do our customers love ZayZoon? Because we actually help them.


Client Onboarding Specialist (COS) is on the front lines of enabling the clients sold by ZayZoon’s sales team members. The COS interacts with many internal team members in the course of executing on their role and is pivotal to the launch of the success side of ZayZoon’s process.

As a Client Onboarding Specialist, you will help:

  • Build meaningful relationships with our employer clients
  • Identify unique expectations and needs of high value clients in an effort to help us fine tune client service and activation quality and timelines.
  • Leverage client relationships to request referrals, testimonials and case studies.
  • Work with launched clients to help improve employee engagement and uptake.
  • Take learnings from client interactions, and use those learnings to help us grow and mature our product.
  • Help formalize and document processes and procedures leveraged so as to inform future Client Account Managers.
  • Our north star is client activation in 60 minutes or less. Our product and tech stack helps, but we can’t achieve this goal without you.
  • Work with internal revenue operations and marketing teams to amplify impact to clients so as to retain revenue and look for areas of expansion.

ZayZoon is a company that believes in our mission. That mission is improving the financial wellness of millions and improving the bottom lines of tens of thousands of SMBs. All while working at a place where we genuinely care about each other both professionally and personally. We are tooled in our marketing group to make and measure, and we need more makers. 

Our ideal candidate has great written and verbal communication skills, has experience in B2B software implementation and support, is an unbelievable team player, and knows their way around a computer.

You will play an important role in ZayZoon’s scale-up. With your expertise, you will help us optimize our onboarding of partners and their mid-market clients, work with them on engaging their employees and ultimately maximizing the positive impact we have on employees’ financial lives.


  • Like to think on your feet and work in a fast paced role where every day can be a bit different
  • Are not intimidated by a tight deadline if you know that means making a genuine impact
  • Are a critical thinker who thinks outside the box and challenges the status quo to push your own limits, as well as those around you
  • Want to make a difference through meaningful work and are driven by purpose
  • Have a strong sense of accountability - you ensure the job gets done on time, no hand holding necessary
  • Are an innovative self-starter that's always looking for a better way to do things
  • Get the bigger picture, and how to balance that with a focus on details because you know the little things matter
  • Love small teams and are not afraid to roll up your sleeves to help others when needed
  • Are looking for a great company you can grow with!
  • Are a tight-knit team of adults that care about our customers, our products, and each other; we walk the talk when it comes to living our Core Values
  • Know that every team member makes a difference; a sense of purpose comes from understanding our vision and how each person fits into it to move our business forward
  • Constantly strive to improve - always growing ourselves, each other, and our business; you can expect leaders and teammates across our organization that will support you and ensure you are positioned for personal growth and success
  • Thrive on moving the needle and creating exceptional experiences for our customers
  • Value a flexible environment, with an emphasis placed on getting the job done, not on hours worked -- this means taking the time and space you need for yourself and your family, but also being available for collaboration when needed, and being ready to get down to business in crunch times
  • Are a group of people that genuinely love what we do. ZayZoon has a tech-industry leading Employee NPS that is consistently above 70.
  • Are highly engaged, fast-paced and performance-driven, but also know how to have fun!


  • Receive employer deals following Closed Won from the Employer Pipeline.
  • Execute all connectivity and fulfillment tasks as included in the Employer Rollout Pipeline deal stage detail.
  • Assign promotions, as necessary, defined from the sales process.
  • Transition Employer Rollout deal to CAM for ongoing handling, and any additional growth via the Expansion Pipeline
  • Facilitate all client level support activities as they prove necessary, through interactions with all of Customer Success, Client Account Managers as well as Partner Success, 
    • Client technical setup
    • Deduction/Direct Deposit issues
    • Assist Tier 2 success team members, as necessary
    • Automated/Scheduled tasks
    • Assist with managing client wide implications of macro events (hurricane)
  • Onboard clients of particular size/priority via scheduled meetings and/or automated/virtual activities.


  • Have empathy for the communities and businesses we are trying to serve
  • Thrive in a start-up culture where everyone owns the business, regardless of department or seniority
  • Want to make a difference through meaningful work and are driven by purpose
  • Are quality focused, and also understand the need for urgency when the unexpected happens
  • Are organized
  • Are a team player. Whether working solo or swarming, you can collaborate like a champ and understand the power of group learning
  • Have elements of both a creative and an analytical mindset. 
  • Solve problems
  • Communicate effectively and have the ability to work with everyone, across departments in particular our sales, marketing and product teams
  • Believe the devil is in the details
  • Want to make yourself better
  • Want to make those around you better


  • Great organizational skills
  • Solid interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail and process
  • Motivation to hit and consistently optimize key performance indicators
  • Familiarity with general computer systems and business software (Jira, Confluence, HubSpot, Excel, Word, etc).
  • Basic knowledge around Application Program Interfaces (APIs)
  • Industry knowledge around payroll/HCM systems and processes 
  • Prior experience in technical implementation of products/services within the payroll/HCM industry


Our Core Values are our shared beliefs as a team. We bring them to life in our organization by recognizing when someone demonstrates them in their actions. They are the rules of engagement for our team that guide our decisions and we treat each other, our partners, and our customers. Are you aligned with our Core Values?

  • Hustle – Own it, take it to the next level
  • Trust – Do the right thing
  • People Driven – Make a positive impact
  • Mastery - Thirst for knowledge and improvement


Candidates must be based in Canada in order to be considered.

We are organized as a remote team, as such we are looking for candidates who can work effectively remotely. You must have access to a secure high speed internet connection and a secure workspace to ensure security of private information. This role is available on a permanently remote basis.

Due to the nature of our business the chosen candidate must undergo a criminal record check and a basic security clearance.

Please note that a final step in our hiring process is for candidates to arrange personal reference calls with former managers and others we may choose. We wish to thank all qualified applicants for their interest in joining our team! 

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