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Financial Stress: What employers need to know 


Reduce Stress

38% of employees say financial stress is a distraction for them at work. Reducing financial stress minimizes distraction, reduces absenteeism and improves Employee Wellness.

Increase Productivity

By allowing your employees to access part of their paycheck when they need, they gain control over their finances between paydays. This can help them avoid costly alternatives like overdraft fees and predatory loan products. 

Retain and Recruit

25% of employees use our services. Employees are now asking if employers have Wages On-Demand as part of onboarding. Put ZayZoon in your job postings.

Employees can sign-up and access funds. All within 7 seconds.

No disruption to your cashflow! No need to fund advances.

No debt for employees. Simply wages early!

Reviews that speak for themselves.

Employees love us and they make sure to let us know. Additionally, we maintain a 90% satisfaction rating with our customer support.

Elizabeth D Reynolds
Jenn Hawk

You've already started.

ZayZoon is automatically offered as a payroll feature through Execupay. All we need from you is help spreading the word!

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