Employee FAQ

  • Who can use ZayZoon?

    ZayZoon works for US and Canadian residents who are part of our payroll network. Not sure if that’s you? Just ask your HR department, or contact us through our live chat.

  • How do I get started?

    If your payroll provider or employer has partnered with us already, you can be accessing your wages within minutes. We can usually be found in your payroll portal. If you don’t know where to find us, or having trouble, just contact us through our live chat.

  • Why do you need my bank info?

    We need your banking information so we can pay you! If you have any difficulty locating your banking information, shoot us an email or give us a call, we can help!

  • Is my information safe?

    We make security a priority at ZayZoon. Our website uses 256-bit encryption to protect the privacy and security of your information. The same security your online banking offers you.

  • How long does it take to verify my account?

    Some accounts are verified instantly. For others, it may take up to 2 business days. For employees with access to ZayZoon through their payroll self-service portal, your account is already verified!

  • How long until I see money in my bank account?

    In some cases, money will be in your account within minutes. We are working towards instant transactions for everyone. For the majority of ZayZoon customers, money will arrive within 24 hours. If you request an advance on a Friday, it may not reach you until Monday. Contact support about any questions you may have.

  • What if I created an Advance by accident?

    Mistakes happen! Maybe you got excited with how simple the process to access your money was and accidentally clicked submit? No worries. Contact our support staff and we can work on reversing the advance.

  • What are the terms of the ZayZoon benefit?

    ZayZoon gives you a little bit more time than the other guys to pay back your advance. Advances are paid back the payday after next.

Employer FAQ

  • Why would I want to implement ZayZoon?

    Employee retention, Employee productivity loss due to financial stress, helping your employees avoid payday loans, and helping your employees take charge of their cash-flow are just a few of the reasons to use an employee benefits solution like ZayZoon.

  • What does ZayZoon cost?

    There is absolutely no cost to the employer.

  • How can I implement ZayZoon as an employee benefit?

    ZayZoon is incredibly easy to implement with almost no work needed by the employer. Contact support and we can walk you through the steps.

  • Isn’t ZayZoon just a loan shark?

    Not at all. ZayZoon charges around 90% less than a typical Payday loan in Canada. ZayZoon is also adamant on helping employees achieve financial health. We are working on some pretty cool tools to help employees track, save, and educate themselves on their finances.

  • How much time does ZayZoon take after implementing?

    None at all. After the easy implementation, ZayZoon is completely out of sight and out of mind. We do however provide you with some pretty cool analytics on the use of the service.