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ZayZoon should benefit you
just as much as it benefits
your employees.

Let us help you recruit, retain and increase the productivity of your workforce. 

  • 38% of employees report financial stress being a distraction for them at work. 

  • 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and ZayZoon's average customer makes more than $40,000 annually. Short term financial pains do not discriminate. 

  • With many employees leaving to the gig economy citing flexible pay as one of the top factors, make sure your employees have the flexibility they want.
“The first time I used ZayZoon I was desperate to pick up some much needed medication that's critical to my health and can't be missed...I signed up and immediately received enough funds to pick up my prescription. I was in tears, I was so grateful I saw that sign about your service. A literal life saver that day for me. My next payday was 6 days away and there would have been serious implications for my health without this advance."
Dena M.